the big picture

From a moving plane.

Between the beauty and chaos of intense bureau ‘meetings’ of particular places, there is a little more time to look at the big picture. (I find the view from a plane gives you a rather broad scope..) Like in life, between meetings, we are sometimes more able to ponder the bigger questions that enter our heads. Maybe dwell a little longer, think of things from a different perspective. A friend of the bureau was musing earlier in the year what a difference it makes when you have a view of nature from your house to wake up to and contemplate before the day starts. It also seems that daylight, air quality and seeing stars really can shift our minds into new and more exploratory territory. Here are a few questions going around the bureau which we have no concrete answers to, but are always seeking to address. Please get your fresh air, natural view and sense of adventure ready as some of them are big ones.

What is art?

What is community?

What is engagement?

How do we forge true connections with each other as humans?

Is there anything more important than true connections with others?

If you have any more to add or some answers to the questions above, feel free to post them below.

Asking the big questions,

Yours truly,

The A.B.W.