Princes, Polites and Cacas are just the beginning

One of the many characters of Hindley Street.

One of the many characters of Hindley Street.

We have arrived…

In a lair that dwells underneath the infamous street, The A.B.W are sinking their toes into the steamy asphalt of Hindley Street, Adelaide.

Whilst all members of the Bureau have been here before, this visitation and investigation has already begun to challenge our preconceived notions of what we thought we once knew of this place.

The mythology that surrounds it, the assumed knowledge we have of it, the memories gained and lost on this street are truly fascinating us.

We have visited the Adult Bookshop, Quirky Stylin, Lucky Thai Bell, Phat Coffee and talked to many people on the street and passing through.

One man yesterday, when I complimented him on his singing voice as he pushed his frame along the uneven footpath said I was the first to ever think he had a good voice.

On the list of things to do are:

Go to Hellenic Travel

Go to Madame Josephine’s and Crazy Horse on the same night

Research Grimm’s Tales

Do a count of the CCTV cameras

Stay on Hindley Street overnight…

We are certainly only at the beginning of what is going to be a great and big time here on Hindley.

Stay tuned….


the A.B.W.