Goolwa: Land of Pamphlets


The Bureau has arrived. Audio recorders, bicycles and notepads at the ready. In the space of three days we have already had some great conversations, interactions and experiences here in this amazing coastal town. A place where a doll museum meets a lolly shop, people gather to create and connect and where many people come to retire. The Bureau are having trouble defining what is work and what is play. Perhaps it is where these two things meet is where the magic of the bureau lies? Certainly dancing at the Goolwa RSL last night with a band that gets together once a year to bang out some classic tunes was magic. A Bureau member has also won two raffles in the space of two days..prompting the question, can one live off raffles alone?

Can’t wait to tell you more. If you’re in the area, don’t forget to book tickets for our show I Met Goolwa at the end of the week- or keep checking back for updates if you want to experience Goolwa and the Goolwans from afar. You can also check out kumuwuki/ big wave¬†for details of why we’re here!

Signing off on this Sunny Sunday,

The Australian Bureau of Worthiness,

Goolwa, SA.