Emma, I have found the answer!

A woman came up to me at a class last night.  Lets call her B.  B  came to see the last progress showing done here at Carte Blanche, and B said, ‘Emma!  I have found the answer!’.

This is the third time this has happened- someone who knows the project, and my connection with it, approaches me out of the blue, to tell me their answer or about their search to find it.  Clearly the Bureau is delighted about this sort of happening.

“It’s making other people happy, ” B went on, “That’s what it is.  When I thought of what makes my day worth it, the question, it was all about me.  And when I searched long enough inside I realised that it left something empty in me, that me-ness.  I thought about the weekend.  How I built a blog for my sisters business, without her knowing.  Then I rang and told her to check out this site, she did, saw it was her site, and cried.  She was so happy I had made this for her.  And I spent the rest of the day so up, I was high, I was energised.  I had done this for her because I wanted her to be happy. ”

Then someone else in the class chimed in, “Which is different from helping- sometimes we help others to really help ourselves.”

B said, “… and this was something I did just for her pleasure. So, there it is Emma.  That’s the answer.”