Where is the Bureau Next?

The Bureau has got a busy year coming up in Australia, and now, they are even heading over the seas to the town of Viborg, in the country of Denmark, to ask the folks there,  What Makes Their Day Worth It? 

Bureau member Emma Beech has been funded by Arts SA to travel to Denmark for 1 month to see if the Bureau can get some international answers on the question of worth.  Can Emma speak Danish?  Not a hell of a lot.  Can the Danes speak English?  More than Emma can speak Danish.  But armed with the belief that a language-barrier can be overcome, the Bureau is investigating what happens when we put international culture and language into the mix, and see what we can begin to understand about what makes the people of Viborg’s day worth it.

Theatre Company Carte Blanche are providing all the back-up artistic and priactical support for Emma to hit the streets in the winter month of February and do what she does best- ask a question and make a show from the answers.  More on all that business soon.


today is really worth it

that’s right. the bureau has been hard at work for 2 weeks straight and now the bureau gets some daylight hours to hang out. last night was a great time for us at the bureau, sharing the stories of the port and having some lovely folk join us on North Parade. things that are already making my day worth it today:

1. Having some non-structured time in the house.
2. Drinking coffee.
3. Thinking about swimming later today.
4. Wearing an old black t-shirt which is kinda grey now.
5. The anticipation of going back to the bureau.

So, come on down to 25 North Parade, Port Adelaide at 7pm tonight and let us know what made your day worth it today!


The Results Are In

Well…the results are in and it is time for us to let you know what the bureau has found in Port Adelaide! I am so excited to present the information and stories that we have collected. Working at the bureau is really hard and equally fun and (dare I say it) worthwhile. Today Emma and I picked up an awesome sign made by Jimmy which looks fabulous out the front of the bureau. So fabulous that we were scared to leave it outside when we were out back in case someone stole it…Who wouldn’t want a great sign that says ‘Australian Bureau of Worthiness’?
So come on down to the Port. Hear what we have to say. More importantly, hear what the people of the Port have said to us- starting from tomorrow.

Shows are:
Thursday 7pm
Friday 7pm
Saturday 2pm 7pm
Sunday 2pm 7pm

Tickets are only $15.

Cant wait to chat with you about it after.


Workplace confusion

The coats have been hung.
The trestles are out.
The tea is in high demand and the chocolate is being consumed at a rapid rate.
Could be due to a few long days at the bureau, but I find myself forgetting if I work at the bureau or am making a show.
Each time I come to this cross roads of understanding, I remember it is actually both.
The evolution of these stories in our hands sometimes feels scary, sometimes so ‘right.’
Today was a big day at the bureau.
Discussions about place, intimacy, questioning of the bureau itself.
There was the trying on of some masks/ projecting of some images/ list making/ borrowing of furniture/ upside down post it notes.
Another big day tomorrow.
Best go and prepare.

Closing in on Data

We at the end of our time for the collection of data and now time to tune-in to the stories and responses, and make a presentation ready for the start of our season Thursday night. Walking through the Port on Sunday, one of the most action / people filled days we’ve seen, complete with a soundtrack booming through the speakers at the Fishermen’s Warf Markets, the term, ‘The Port, it’s happening’, came very true.

A man caught my eye- we didn’t chat, I just listened to his tunes for a while and admired his car, Betsy.

And this morning, it’s off to the Bureau to get it ready for real.



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