today is really worth it

that’s right. the bureau has been hard at work for 2 weeks straight and now the bureau gets some daylight hours to hang out. last night was a great time for us at the bureau, sharing the stories of the port and having some lovely folk join us on North Parade. things that are already making my day worth it today:

1. Having some non-structured time in the house.
2. Drinking coffee.
3. Thinking about swimming later today.
4. Wearing an old black t-shirt which is kinda grey now.
5. The anticipation of going back to the bureau.

So, come on down to 25 North Parade, Port Adelaide at 7pm tonight and let us know what made your day worth it today!


Some drawings

Audio Stories

Each member of the ABW has their own way of collecting data. I like to collect the voices of the people I talk too, or record the stories that I’ve been told to the team back at the office. I have one to add to this post. The Woman from the Salvos who had a well of thoughts inside her.

The excitement for me so far as been in the discovery that the saying DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER is repetitively coming true. Over and over and over again.

Emma from the A.B.W

[vimeo w=398&h=224]

The Eve

Sunday 25th September
It is the night before. The eve. I downloaded bus and train timetables but Emm has a car and is going to pick me up between 9:20am and 9:30am on the street corner.
I am already, and have been for weeks, projecting myself into the spaces and places I can picture in Port Adelaide. I have been imagining the exchanges that could take place: small pleasantries; potentially violent confrontations; inspiring conversations. All falling into the fantasy categories of unreal and not really truthful or detailed. I have pictured certain weather. Certain ways of feeling and ways of engaging.
I am planning to be braver than last time. I plan to be an artmaker extraordinaire and engage with many people on an intimate and potentially life changing level. I guess I just want to make a great show which speaks to people. I want to talk to strangers and ask them what makes their day worth it. My day was worth it today cos i had dinner with my dad. And we got to have car conversations which are the best conversations i have with dad.
I wonder what tomorrow will hold. I think about what I will wear to work at the bureau tomorrow. What the weather will be. How practical or how inspired I may feel when I leave the house, setting out for a day of set up and laying foundations and logistics. I am excited about the edges of possibilities that lurk just outside what I know or assume to know about what the bureau is about to encounter and create.


A few pics…