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Hey all, whilst posing the big questions, great filmmakers Sam Wright and Kieran Ellis-Jones came our way to hang out. Tessa is there in spirit.. maybe in that dance party scene. Which yes, is a regular part of the Bureau working week.

Check it out.


the big picture

From a moving plane.

Between the beauty and chaos of intense bureau ‘meetings’ of particular places, there is a little more time to look at the big picture. (I find the view from a plane gives you a rather broad scope..) Like in life, between meetings, we are sometimes more able to ponder the bigger questions that enter our heads. Maybe dwell a little longer, think of things from a different perspective. A friend of the bureau was musing earlier in the year what a difference it makes when you have a view of nature from your house to wake up to and contemplate before the day starts. It also seems that daylight, air quality and seeing stars really can shift our minds into new and more exploratory territory. Here are a few questions going around the bureau which we have no concrete answers to, but are always seeking to address. Please get your fresh air, natural view and sense of adventure ready as some of them are big ones.

What is art?

What is community?

What is engagement?

How do we forge true connections with each other as humans?

Is there anything more important than true connections with others?

If you have any more to add or some answers to the questions above, feel free to post them below.

Asking the big questions,

Yours truly,

The A.B.W.



What makes your year worth it?

So it is that time of year when questions begin to surface about the year that has been- the year to come- and people reflect and project about their lives and the lives of those around them.

Some among us may even be focussing on what has made our year worth it.

Personal achievements, contributions to a cause, forging connections with new people, maintaining healthy relationships may feature among those thoughts.

On the flip side, what is it that we feel has wasted the year- made it not worth it?

Goals not fulfilled, fallings out with those we care about, time spent worrying, things we’ve said or done we wish we hadn’t?

I decided on the weekend I would make my Christmas presents this year *spolier for those receiving a gift this year* and went out to buy 8kg of tomatoes, 45 birdseye chillies and some jars to begin the relish making process… 15 hours of cooking time later I was starting to wonder if I shouldn’t have just ordered books online for everyone. Was this time really worth spending on something that may not taste that great? What if it tasted horrible and I had spent so long and nothing to show for it?

Sometimes it feels like our question at the bureau is hard to answer- What makes your day worth it? Sometimes it can be easier to think of what has made your year worth it, your month worth it or even your week…

I know us at the Bureau think about these things a lot- and we’d love to hear more of your ideas about worthiness now and in the new year.

Until then, let’s hope the relish tastes good!






Goolwa: Land of Pamphlets


The Bureau has arrived. Audio recorders, bicycles and notepads at the ready. In the space of three days we have already had some great conversations, interactions and experiences here in this amazing coastal town. A place where a doll museum meets a lolly shop, people gather to create and connect and where many people come to retire. The Bureau are having trouble defining what is work and what is play. Perhaps it is where these two things meet is where the magic of the bureau lies? Certainly dancing at the Goolwa RSL last night with a band that gets together once a year to bang out some classic tunes was magic. A Bureau member has also won two raffles in the space of two days..prompting the question, can one live off raffles alone?

Can’t wait to tell you more. If you’re in the area, don’t forget to book tickets for our show I Met Goolwa at the end of the week- or keep checking back for updates if you want to experience Goolwa and the Goolwans from afar. You can also check out kumuwuki/ big wave¬†for details of why we’re here!

Signing off on this Sunny Sunday,

The Australian Bureau of Worthiness,

Goolwa, SA.