Liz’s Day

I was walking with Liz, Project Manager, through Market Square shopping centre in the centre of Geelong.  She was telling me about how she loves taking pictures of signs- signs where people put it out there to the world what they believe.

Here’s a couple of those beliefs:

Answer of the day, 11 year old, leaning against a pole, playing a DS

“What makes your day worth it?”

“Whadda yah mean?”

“Well, what made yesterday worth it? You know. . .”

“Ummm. . .oh!…oh…I can’t say what made yesterday worth it out loud.”



I MET GEELONG_Bureau Outreach Project No.1

Bureau member Emma Beech is at Courthouse Youth Arts collaborating with actor Luke Elliot and a selection of young artists from Geelong. We’ve got a singer/song writer, photographer and dancers.  Working with Courthouse Arts is part of the Bureaus community outreach programme, and we are inviting the artists here to interview the people on the streets and re-configure their findings in the medium of their choice for a showing on Saturday, July 14, 5pm.

Liz Ryan is an up and coming project manager here at Geelong and she is guiding the Bureau and invited members to a selection of more formal community meet and greets, including one with the Major himself.  His response to us approaching him is becoming a small show in it’s own right….and we haven’t even met yet.


I MET Viborg at Vitalstatistix

The findings of a month of interviews in the Danish mini-city of Viborg is now going to be shown in Australia- at Vitalstatistix theatre festival, ADHOCRACY, for a once only showing.  Saturday, June 9 at 9pm, I MET VIBORG will be shown in all it’s fascinating glory, re-counting the many and varied answers to the Bureaus signature question.

What does make the people of Viborg’s days worth it?  And how does this reflect on Denmark as a whole?  And how does this contrast with the findings so far in Australia?  All will be revealed, so come on down for what will be a great weekend of showings of some of the newest and bestest new-performance works in Australia.

A little Great quote from Mr John Malkovich

I’m honored to have been asked by the International Theatre Institute ITI at UNESCO to give this greeting commemorating the 50th anniversary of World Theatre Day. I will address my brief remarks to my fellow theatre workers, peers and comrades.

May your work be compelling and original. May it be profound, touching, contemplative, and unique. May it help us to reflect on the question of what it means to be human, and may that reflection be blessed with heart, sincerity, candor, and grace. May you overcome adversity, censorship, poverty and nihilism, as many of you will most certainly be obliged to do. May you be blessed with the talent and rigor to teach us about the beating of the human heart in all its complexity, and the humility and curiosity to make it your life’s work. And may the best of you – for it will only be the best of you, and even then only in the rarest and briefest moments – succeed in framing that most basic of questions, “how do we live?” Godspeed.

- John Malkovich